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If you are looking for a reliable partner, a producer of home, office and hotel furniture, we will be pleased to offer you cooperation with us in your region. Softform’s output is sold by means of extensive dealer networks in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Our aims are to geographically expand our supply & dealer network. We offer our clients mutually beneficial stable business partnerships. Please fill the form to get in touch with us. Our representatives will contact to you as soon as possible and they will provide you with all necessary information.

Benefits of mutual cooperation:

Reliability. In over 15 years of growth, our products have conquered popularity across many countries both across the ex-USSR countries and the EU. We export over 80 % of our production.

Design. We offer high quality products that follow all the latest technological & design trends. We have a large selection and variability of collections of corpus furniture for home, hotel & office with a wide array of finishings. Our main output consists of:

- Home furniture: Kid's and adult home furniture in different design styles - modern, classic, eco-style

- Office furniture: Variable collections, executive cabinets, integrated operative collections, receptions, complex office

- Hotel furniture: High flexibility in furnishing all aspects of hotel furniture, retirement house, college housing, sanatoriums

- Corporate projects, production of custom exclusive collections for individual projects

Mutual benefit. We strive for mutually benefitial partnerships with all our business partners. We offer customized pricing policies for larger volumes & complex projects, as well as a strong marketing-technological support - booklets, catalogues, samples, sales representatives consultations, visualization & IT support for project offers, etc.

Conditions. We are ready to discuss mutual working conditions including delivery times based on your needs!

Fill out the form and representatives of the company will contact you shortly and provide all the necessary information: