Quality & Ecology

Active demand for SoftForm furniture is based not only on personalized design and fair prices, but also on high quality of production. Furniture for office, home or hotel is always a serious acquisition that will be in use for many years so it must stay stable, safe, beautiful and do not change its technical capability.

Appropriate material that grantee durability and can make décor of a room not only beautiful, but also safe and healthy for people. Our company selects material carefully and use only certified ones of high-quality.

Particular attention should be given to the ecology. One of the priority issues for furniture industry is care for the environment. SoftForm’s philosophy is based on attention to the whole world around and aspiration for clean production.

Besides, modern users while buying furniture pay more and more attention to its safety and healthy. That is why SoftForm offers excellent goods that are produced according to European safety and quality standards.

High quality of all materials and findings that are used in production process let us grant the guarantee to our customers for a period of 24 month (according to the standards, this period is 18 month). Your suggestions about quality or variety you can send with the form in the website.