Edge banding is a very important step of production process. In addition to its esthetic function, it has an ecological one because of its ability to keep harmful elements that may be contained in used materials.

ATTENTION: complete product must not have crude end.

Different edge tapes of different width are used by SoftForm while producing laminated particle boards.

Our materials:

Acrylnitril-butadien-styrol. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness as well as thermostability, light and color fastness. ABS can be recycled or just burned without harmful emission.

Polyvinyl chloride. PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties, protect items from scratches, moisture etc.

Melamine edgebanding. This material was developed for softforming (a unique methodic of edgebanding).

Our partners:

SURTECO Germany. Furniture manufactures all over the world use production of this company. This is one of the leading producers in its industry.

THERMOPLAST Poland. This is a leading company in Eastern Europe that produces edge tapes, hinges etc. of different shapes and colors.

REHAU Germany. This is famous producer of edge tapes which meet requirements of the most celebrated designers and big manufacturers.


Certificate of conformity SURTECO

Rejection letter REHAU