All laminated particle boards that are used in our production are correspond to Formaldehyde Emission Standard E1 of GOST 32289-2013. SoftForm cooperate with the European best manufacturers only:

1. EGGER Group Austria (more than 95% of all used boards)

2. JSC "Ivatsevichdrev" Belarus (about 5% of all used boards)

Formaldehyde Standards

There are 2 classes of formaldehyde content standard for particle boards:

1. E1 Ј8 mg/100g (no more 8mg of formaldehyde on 100g of dry mass)

2. E2 > 8 to Ј30 mg/100g (from 8 to 15 mg)

What is it mean?

Nowadays the main characteristic of ecological compatibility is formaldehyde emission. It is better to choose materials that correspond to E1 standard because they are more safe and may be used even in health care facilities and children’s institutions.

Particular attention to this issue is given in such European countries as Germany, Finland, Sweden. Exactly these countries developed such a standard and strict control over its implementation. Indicators are checked annually by German WKI institution.

How to protect yourself?

During the first 6 months an item loses about 50% of the formaldehyde it contained initially.

Our suppliers.

About 95% of all particle boards that are used by SoftForm are produced by Austrian concern EGGER.

EGGER Group produces a huge range of goods from high-quality flooring to modern building products. All this output is certified. This certificates contains information about production process, ecological data including all product-life cycle from execution to salvaging.