Roller drawer slides made of metal with roller bearing. Its characteristics:

- Drawers cannot be opened full

- Holds loads no more than 20kg

- Dynamic cycle tested to 50,000 cycles (about 10 years of using)

Wheels slides have better characteristics. For example, holds loads of 35kg. They are more useful and reliable.

Hidden wheels drawer slides are also used in our production. This type of slides makes furniture look more esthetic because it is impossible to see they even when the drawers are opened and you furniture looks ideally even inside.

Our suppliers:

GTV Poland. This brand is presented at European and Asian markets. Modern design solutions of the company help to create more comfortable and useful furniture. There are more than a hundred types of accessories that meet all world standards.

BOYARD Russia. This company is a mix of quality, effectiveness, durability, style. Its goods are used in production of modern popular furniture. BOYARD’s distinctive features are high quality and low price.